The Blended Tribe

Surgery + Lice = NO FUN!!

Things have been crazy around my house.  My hubby went in for knee surgery a couple of days ago, and all went well with that.  He had his meniscus repaired. I get the kids home

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Blended Wedding

Blended Wedding Blended weddings can be a challenge.  For us, we didn’t want to spend a ton of money since this was our second go around and we already had a large household to care

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Happy Veterans Day!

A HUGE thank you to all who have served and all who are serving!  Also, big thanks to the spouses that are supporting their loved one in the military or caretaking the ones that are

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Forgive & Move On

“Forgiveness doesn’t make them right, it makes us free.” The quicker you can let yourself get to the point of letting go, the better off you’ll be.  It took me a bit and my biggest

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Happy Fall!

It was a busy weekend.  Filled with a jr. higher’s first dance, flag football party, first swim meet, pumpkin painting, family game night, making caramel apples, church and baseball.  The sad thing is that it

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Great Read

I bought this book the other day and have really been enjoying it.  You can go on the website they provide and do a couple’s checkup.  You and your spouse take a quiz and then

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