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Forgive & Move On

“Forgiveness doesn’t make them right, it makes us free.”

Forgive and move on

The quicker you can let yourself get to the point of letting go, the better off you’ll be.  It took me a bit and my biggest problem was thinking that by forgiving it meant that I was condoning or that I had given in.  Nope, not true!  It’s the most freeing thing in this world.

Happy Fall!

It was a busy weekend.  Filled with a jr. higher’s first dance, flag football party, first swim meet, pumpkin painting, family game night, making caramel apples, church and baseball.  The sad thing is that it was a pretty relaxing and mellow weekend for us.  Mom had to give up a couple of fun events that I really would’ve liked to have done, but getting to keep up our family traditions was way worth it.



Great Read

I bought this book the other day and have really been enjoying it.  You can go on the website they provide and do a couple’s checkup.  You and your spouse take a quiz and then compare it and see where your weakness’ and strengths are…’s been pretty eye-opening so far.  I bought mine at our local bookstore, but I’m sure you can snag this up on Amazon.  Check it out.



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