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Mail & Key Holder


Check out this cute mail and key holder that the hubs made for me today after seeing it in my Amazon cart.  It’s simple, yet it does the job.  Keeps my mail and keys organized with a spot for the shades.  Love it!    The hooks were purchased at Lowes and cost us $7.50.  We used scrap wood and extra paint that we had lying around.

Here are the dimensions from Amazon if you choose to make one.  This is about $30.00 on Amazon

Happy Crafting


Breakfast Bar


We moved into a house that doesn’t have a defined dining area, and there isn’t much space to put a table.  This breakfast bar is what we came up with for the time being.  We bought butcher block from Lowe’s and had the anchors welded to make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold a good amount of weight.  We mostly eat outside together for dinner, but now the kids have a spot where they can eat breakfast and it doesn’t take up much room in our already small living area.  We are really happy with the outcome of this project.  I’m looking right now for something cute to hang over the bar.  I will post an updated picture as soon as I get it all finished.

Total this project cost us:

  • Butcher block—–$233.00 (Lowes)
  • anchors—–Free
  • Stain—-Free (had leftover from another project)
  • Stools—–$118.00 (Amazon)

So total we are in at $351.00 so far.


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