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I want to let you all know why I’m here!
My entire purpose for the blog/social media is to let other stepfamilies know that they are NOT alone in this journey.
Early on in my second marriage, I questioned what the hell did I sign up for?! My stepkids were NOTHING like my kids, I figured out that even though the hubs and I thought that we had similar parenting styles….we were way wrong.
I needed help, and though I didn’t find much at the time, I started my blog, and with an Insta-name change, support started popping up immediately. I’m here to give back!

Blended families-I know what you are going through.
Single moms-I’ve been there.
Stepmoms-I’m living that reality
Bio Moms-Yep, I’m right there with you.
Divorced-I know that hell
Remarried-Where’s the manual for this one?

Where ever you are at, someone is out there that has been through what you’re going through. Yes, all of our walks are a little different.
Our blended family community is strong, and there are people just standing by, waiting to help you! Reach out! Connect with us! Find the person that you relate to, and hit them up.

Check out the post below ↓ where I share some great blended family blogs and take your pick!

Blended Family Blogs

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