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I’ve been quiet this past week, partly because it was a hectic week and partly because it was a rough week for me. There is not one reason as to why it was a hard week for me, but unfortunately, there are a handful of reasons. I know we all have these days (in my case an entire week) that are sh*tty! Friday couldn’t get here fast enough, and now it has come and gone. This weekend has been nice though. We had a kid-free weekend, and it was great getting to spend some one-on-one time with Jon and do not much of anything. Just need this sometimes.

Heading into this next week, I’m doing a lot of praying for patience, and hoping that it will be a little smoother and less hectic than last. I’m declaring that this week will be different, and I believe that it will be. I think it’s important to put it out there and own it, so that’s what I’m doing! If there is anything you are struggling with this week, I encourage you to do the same β™₯



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