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August 18th


So today marks the day that would’ve been my 17th wedding Anniversary with my ex. Odd to think about that now. I remember this day five years back. I was distraught and sad and didn’t know how I would ever get through life without my ex. Fast forward five years and my how things have changed. I can’t even imagine being with that man and don’t know how I was with him for as long as I was.
The bottom line is that God has a plan for everything. He knew the outcome of our relationship the day we started dating. Everything happens for a reason, and although I don’t wish divorce, co-parenting, stepparenting on anyone, I wouldn’t change what happened or my life now for anything.
It’s hard not to remember this day because we shared an anniversary date with dear family friends. It is nice to finally acknowledge this date for what it was……a season of my life. It was a long season full of good times and bad times, and it was a season that I HAD to go through to get me to this season.
So, I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t go through that season….guess what, it happened, and I have two kids to prove it. I’m not going to be embarrassed or ashamed of that season anymore because I can’t erase my past or what has happened. All I can do is look back at this day and be grateful for where I am now.
If you are going through a divorce now, please know that it will get better! I know right now it doesn’t feel like it, but you are on to bigger and better things. I promise.

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