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First Family Trip of 2018.

Knott's Berry Farm

We were given Season Passes to Knott’s Berry Farm at Christmas time and since the kids are out of school, what better time to take advantage of our passes.  We took a day trip yesterday, and it was a huge success!  The kids had a great time, and us parents had a blast. Being around crowds isn’t as easy for me as it used to be.  Disneyland makes me want to lose my mind.  Knott’s is a lot less crowded, and the rides aren’t as babyish in my opinion.  It’s something different, and I’m really looking forward to going back with the kids and staying the night next time.

Here are some tips and tricks we did to get us through our day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

1)  My kids are used to road trips and traveling since they had to do it a ridiculous amount when they were younger.  They travel well, but we have a setup and a routine.  We pack them little caddies with all their snacks and drinks for the car ride.  We have a trash can (cereal container) in the back where all the trash goes so were not cleaning it up for days afterward.  The only time the kids are allowed to eat in our car is during road trips.  These caddies prevent the continual asking for food.  They know what they have in there, and that’s what they can have.

2)  We bought each kid a day pass souvenir cup that they can use all day to keep refilling their drinks.  I believe these were $10.99 each.  They can use these cups all of 2018, and it’s only $1.00 a refill each time.

3)  We bought three all-day dining plans for $31.99 each.  You get a wristband that you can use to order food every 90 minutes.  We got our monies worth out of this!!  With four kids that like to eat nonstop, they are always hungry, and the portion sizes are so big that it was plenty of food for all of us.  Not one of the kids or us went hungry yesterday.   The food wasn’t that great (the kids loved it) and having to wait in line for the food felt like a waste of time because we would rather be going on the rides.  Knott’s lets you bring food in, so I think next time we will pack our backpacks full of food that we can eat while waiting in line for rides.  Bringing our food will be a much healthier and more time efficient option for us.  We can then plan on having a good dinner somewhere and spend around the same amount as we did for all the wristbands.

4)  The last tip…if you ever go at Christmas time, you have to go see “MERRY CHRISTMAS, SNOOPY” on Ice!!  It was amazing, and we all really enjoyed it.  From it “snowing” inside to the performers, it was a must-see show.

That’s all the tips I have for now.  I’m sure there will be more after our next visit.  I will keep you updated.  Here are some pictures from our day.



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