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Merry Christmas!!



We’ve had a great Christmas so far. The last four days have been full of festivities. We’ve celebrated a Birthday, went Christmas light browsing, a couple of game nights and stayed in our PJ’s all day on Saturday enjoying our gifts. We celebrated our Christmas with my side of the family on Saturday, and then last night we celebrated with my in-laws. We drop off two of the kids at eight this morning and drop the other two off at noon. Since we already did our Christmas, I felt that this morning would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the real reason for the season….JESUS!! Kids each have a new Bible sitting under the tree, we decorated with balloons and made a special cake in His honor. I figure they will be celebrating the rest of the day with presents, so let’s start this day off right with what matters most. Β Merry Christmas everybody!! I will be posting lots of pics and a post later on today. Β We are going to go wake up the kids…….

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