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Surgery + Lice = NO FUN!!

Things have been crazy around my house.  My hubby went in for knee surgery a couple of days ago, and all went well with that.  He had his meniscus repaired.


I get the kids home from school that day to discover my daughter has LICE!!!  FREAK OUT MOM MOMENT!!   First lice experience.  I never had it growing up, and none of the kids had gotten it until now.  Here’s a photo of what I pulled out of my daughter’s hair. I about died. I talk to about seven different people right away to get advice on what to do. I get about seven different answers. Go to the drugstore and try Nix first. Even though I heard mixed opinions on the Nix, it killed the lice. The next morning she still had a ton nits in her hair that I had to pick out one by one. The next day we soaked her hair in apple cider vinegar and picked out more nits. I found that the ACV did help loosen up the nits and made it a little easier to get them out. That night, I used a mixture of coconut oil with tea tree oil and had her sleep with that on all night. This morning, I had her wash her hair, and when I sat to pick out the nits, I found that she had a lot fewer nits to pick out this morning. On top of nitpicking and cutting a couple of inches off her hair, I’ve had to wash all the bedding, and blankets, curtains, rugs, EVERYTHING in our house. I’ve bagged all stuff animals and hats. Getting rid of these nasty things have not been fun, and we’re not over it yet. Our Pediatrician has called in a prescription to try as well, and we are waiting for it to get here. Hoping to try that out tonight. I’ll update with what ended up working the best for her. I’m thinking the coconut oil, and tea tree oil is the winner so far.


How to deal with lice in a blended family. You have to make sure you tell all parents about what’s going on. If some of your kids aren’t with you, see if they can stay at the other parents’ house or try to keep the kids and treat them until all lice are gone.  We were very blessed in the fact that my stepkids mom was able to keep them for us while we’ve been dealing with this mess.  This entire situation is not fun but preventing it from spreading and nipping it in the butt as quickly as possible is essential.


We’re on the mend.



I’m exhausted and ready for a vacation……a mom can dream right?!


***UPDATE—The lice situation was no joke! I used Nix, the medication prescribed by the doctor what seemed to work the best was coconut oil with tea tree oil…..this is stuff I always have on hand. It took a good week for all the nits to be out. I’m still checking her hair every morning before school just to be on the safe side. It looks like we’re in the clear though.

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